Hello blogosphere!! What a wonderful May we are having! It has been a month since I have started fundraising for my Volunteer Trip to India and can not wait to keep this ball moving! Next stop on the fundraising train, Garage Sale! I will be accepting donations of any gently used clothes, toys, furniture, or anything else that comes to mind to sell at my garage sale!

I believe a Garage sale is a great choice for a fundraiser as it not only will get us that cash money, (the point, duh) but it also brings a community together and will allow me to spread my message to a bunch of people I would have never met in everyday life!

At this garage sale I will not only be selling gently used pre loved goods, oh no. There will also be cold drinks to soothe that bargain hunting thirst, along with many a sweet treats baked with love by yours truly ( and my mom, cause she rocks). For more information, message me on fb or send me an email at shannon_hughes208@hotmail.com!

Anyways, hope to see you all there! If you can’t make it or are super organized and have no unused items in your house, don’t you fret, my Tilt page is still accepting donations!!