Never to early or late to start something new, right? I know my trip is over a year away, but I am so excited I couldn’t keep the news to myself anymore. I finally posted my call for donations on Facebook today and am so happy with the support I have received from loved ones and community members.

My next fundraising venture will be in the form of a garage sale sometime in the beginning of June.. more information on this to come, but in the mean time, I will be accepting donations in the forms of ….

  • old gently used clothes and accessories
  • movies/video games
  • furniture
  • board games
  • stuffed animals
  • anything else you would want to get rid of that can be sold!

If you can’t donate clothes, or have no time to come out to the event, my Tilt page will be accepting donations for the next few months!

Finally, if you can’t make any donations at this time, sharing my message is as good as gold!  To fuel the power of WE, communities, families, and society has to come together with a common goal! The more people who can help or be inspired by my journey, the closer we are to changing the world!

Until next time,